Strava Redesign

Dark mode concept


Kognita is based on effective learning techniques that have been scientifically proven. The service is designed to make the exercise more motivating by making the experience more game-like.


TRiPP is a school project designed at NTNU. This a prototype where we gather multiple transport company in one single application.


Prototype for Sykehuset Innlandet. The purpose of the application is to collect data from people in the time before and after having a baby.


Fishy is a Firebase web application that let you register all the fish you catch. It also has an overview/results where you can see what kind of fish the other users has caught + place etc. Another nice feature is the species list, which let you see what kind of species you have caught, and are missing.

Oppland Arbeiderblad Nyhetsquiz

Prototype of a quiz application and business model made for Oppland Arbeiderblad. Perfect for use in school and at home. Can be use with the standard touch based interface, or with voice commands.

Tormod Flaten

Website made for the professional euphonium player Tormod Flaten. The page also includes a webshop.

Interactive Map

An interactive map made in an NTNU project for Vitensenteret, Gjøvik. The map is drawn with a laser cutter, and has LED-lights and touch sensors. An Arduino controls all functions in the map.

Carpet with lights and sounds

School procject developed for Statped. The carpet has two touch sensors that activates the sound and lights.